Cascade/Zone controller for modulating boiler control. With weather-dependent control when combined with an outdoor sensor to be used with the Q series boiler.

  • Large LCD screen
  • Simple operation with user friendly controls
  • Display showing: date, time, room temperature, operating status, fault message, switching times, calculated and set temperature on illuminated LCD display
  • Programming options for 3 clock programs for heating and hot water
  • 7-day program with copy function & holiday program
  • With MadQBrain RS remote control connected, self-learning heating curve adjustment and switch optimization through the built-in room sensor
  • 230V power supply
  • Incl. strap-on heating sensor
  • Outdoor sensor and DHW sensor can be ordered separately
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    Afbeelding MadQ



    This controller is suitable for either wall installation or installation into an ATAG Q series boiler with the required build-in set.

    This controller is not suitable for use in combination with the ATAG A, QR or XL Series.

    Optimale Wärmeregelung



    Intelligente Steuerung für ein komfortables energieeffizientes wohnen


    Zweck Regler 
    Farbe schwarz 
    Anzeige LCD-Bildschirm mit Textanzeige und Symbolen 
    Höhe 96 mm
    Reglertyp Mischerkreisregler 
    Sprachenpaket NL, FR, GB, IT 
    Beleuchtung Ja 
    Netzanschlussspannung 230 V~ +6/-10% V
    Soort platform Veel mogelijkheden 
    Gewicht Kessel (leer) 0,6 kg